Sunday, December 23, 2007

Update on Mart's Memorial Garden in TGS

The plans for Matri's memorial are moving along!

This was hand delivered to me by Bad Tim. I don't have a scanner so I took some photos of it. Fresh from the department of Public Service:

My home is:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sale from the Jewelry fundraiser blog!

Sales from Fundraiser so far:

07/18/07 Thanks to Steve Wilke-Shapiro, 70.00 Donation!
07/18/07 Thanks to Debi P for 72.00 donation!
07/18/07 Thanks to Lynn for 12.00 donation!
07/19/07 Thanks to Jan C for a 24.00 donation
07/20/07 Thanks to Linda S in TGS for a 44.00 donation!
07/29/07 Thanks to Claudia and Rich Seifert, 40.00 donation!
07/30/07 Thanks to Angie S, 40.00 donation!
07/31/07 Thanks to Mary Krummenacher for 50.00
08/03/07 THANKS to Jeff Neumann for a 100.00 donation!
08/04/07 Thanks to Sonja Furiya for a 100.00 donation!
08/04/07 Thanks to Tim Klass for a 200.00 donation!
08/18/07 Thanks to Christine Ivivh for a 85.00 donation!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fundraiser at the Tin Can August 4

Our first fundraiser for Marti's garden!
The Tin Can, August 4th.

Upcoming fundraisers: Sunday, August 19, 2-4 at my home in TGS. Jewelry sale (the holidays are coming!)

Sunday, September 30, 4-7 at The Royale. Silent auction of Marti's photographs.

Laurie Dyche with State Rep Mike Daus:
Laurie Dyche is organizing a fundraiser to be held at MoKaBe's with a silent auction of photographs that were taken by Marti. The date will be announced here shortly! Interested in orgainzing a fundraiser for Marti's garden? Let us know!

THANKS to Gen Obata for music and Caryn and Tim Dugan for working the door with me!

Photos of some of the attendees:

Lynn Josse

Chris and Ericka with friend

About 50 people attended the fundraiser at The Tin Can. Music was provided by Gen Obata and friends as well as the Forbidden Fruit Snacks.

State Rep Mike Daus attended, donated 100.00 (in addition to his 1,500.00 challenge!) and drew the winning raffle tickets. Prizes were provided by the neighborhood businesses: Tin Can, Grove Furnishings, See Spot Clean and a selection of earrings from

Mike Daus calling off raffle winners:

Attendee Rollie Waltson claiming a Tin Can tee shirt prize:

I was working the door while our first group, Gen Obata and Friends played and didn't get a chance to provide any photos! Here's photos of two outrageous women called The Forbidden Fruit Snacks. Thanks to Charlene for providing photos!

Catherine Kustelski (on right) and Deanna Bosse

To date, here's some of the names of people who have made donations. Not all are included, some people provided cash and I didn't get their names, please contact me at with any names.

Tower Grove Neighborhood Association, Sean and Renee Dingman, Gen and Rebecca Obata,
Matt and Carolyn Bollinger, Rollie Walston, Jan Clinite, Kathleen Wildman, Lynn Josse
Linda Schweighofer, Christopher Thiemet, Tim Klass, Caroline Zukoski, Bruce & Rebecca Posnak, Sean and Jennifer Elam, Mike Daus, Charlene Earlywine, Chris Thomas & Ericka Hayes, Tim and Caryn Dugan, Robbie Lotts, Steve Wilke-Sharipo, Laurie Dyche, Jeff Neumann, Bill Waggoner, Jill Stratton, Joyce Sherokow, Amelia Doll, Kathy Howerton, The Tin Can Bar and Grille, Michael Murphy, Mark Taylor, See Spot Clean, Tom Reitenbach, Candice Freeman, The Grove, Michael Boyd, Marcia Behrendt, Tivoli Theater
Catherine Collins, Amy Razeghi, Mary Krummenacher, Georgiana Grant, Mark Abbott,
Ginger Human, Missy Van Winkle, The Forbidden Fruit Snacks

More updates will be posted on